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Building Long Term Relationships

Indigo South Capital is a private family office that invests in public and private equities, venture capital opportunities and real estate. We are interested in acquiring majority interests or outright purchases of privately held enterprises in the small to middle market. ISC seeks business’s with strong management in place and have shown proven track records of success. ISC works closely with management teams to foster strong and independent companies. We look to invest and engage in a broad range of investment activities and our objective is to take an active role in the operational and strategic futures of our investments. We are interested in companies or real estate that are located in the southeast region of the U.S.


We value long term partners and seek a relationship with the existing management team, employees and the company’s vendors and suppliers.

On Hands Approach

We strive to optimize the potential of all of our investments and take an active role, where necessary and appropriate, in all areas of the company.

Long Term Focus

ISC has a long term approach to investing. We make all investment and operational decisions based on long term objectives.

The Right Choice

Indigo South Capital welcomes the opportunity to learn about your business and discuss the possibilities for meeting your capital needs.

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